Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cleopatra Costume - "Elite" Adult Egyptian Arabian Costume

Cleopatra, the once mighty ruler of Egypt. Become this strikingly powerful queen in a full length satin gown with attached waist sash, gold apron drop, sequin collar, long cape and beaded headpiece costume. A great Halloween costume!

Cool Halloween costumes stand out from the crowd. If you want to make Halloween a little more special this year, it's time for you to come out with a great costume that really makes a statement.

Hey, you could be just another Frankenstein's monster. There's no law prohibiting you from being yet another in the endless line of run-of-the-mill pirates. You could just slide a mask over your head and call it good. But if you want to make a real impact, you need to start thinking about cool Halloween costumes.

What makes a costume cool? There are a variety of factors at play. Let's look at a few.

  • Uniqueness Being different is one way to join the ranks of those wearing cool Halloween costumes. If you can come up with something a little different than the rest of the crowd, you'll be in a great position. That might involve a little do-it-yourself work or it might just mean scouring the Internet for costumes that can't be easily found in your area.
  • Quality A wolf man costume consisting of a five dollar rubber mask and a little patch of phony fur hear and there isn't going to knock anyone out. It's possible to elevate that classic standard, though, with a little extra effort, attention to detail and costume quality. Cool Halloween costumes stand out because they distinguish themselves from the bulk of offerings. Quality is one way to make the jump to a different level.
  • Boldness You can go in a variety of different directions with your costume. You can shoot for scary. You can go for laughs. You can push sex appeal. When it comes to cool Halloween costumes, it's less about the statement and more about how boldly you can make it. If you're going to be scary, leave them in tears. If you want to be funny, make sure you'll be getting huge laughs. If the plan calls for sexy, leave them salivating.

Don't hold back. Boldness is at the heart of memorable cool Halloween costumes.

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